Best wheels Quality/price

Hello, i want choose my wheels for my DIY :smiley:

My wheels have to be 80mm because my gear is for 80mm wheels.

I looking for a copy, not a brand because is too expensive, i saw a lot of people choose to use flywheels and oragontang.

I saw this what you thing about that or you have a better option.

Anf thank for your helps :v:

I should go for flywheel clones, they have a core which fits mostly the pulley kits designed for real flywheels. I got mine from aliexpress, they were orange 83mm wheels for 30$ including shipping. They got all sizes: 80mm/87mm/83mm/90mm/97mm.

I used them in 2 builds because they are just so cheap and good enough for me. If you also want caliber/paris truck clones + 83mm wheels this is a great deal:


thank you for your feed back.

I already made my shipment for my trucks (paris truck), but your deal was better. if i asked sooner you will saved my money :S

that wheels looking good, but look appear they don’t have bearings

everyone that buys fake wheels regrets it, and they end up sitting in a corner somewhere as wasted money and space once you realize they suck and order a pair of real wheels. we have all gone through this so will you its like a ritual lol

imo if you want such small wheels go with the Flywheels in 83mm best option for that size wheel.

kegels are okay but they are a bit hard for my liking


What he said :point_up_2:

Without doubt the biggest leaps in technology skateboarding has made since the 70’s is in thane bushings and wheels, pony up and buy the real deal dude. The difference is night and day!

At the least go Kegels and Venom bushings (RipTide better). Or spend up for Abec 11…

I like my Venom Mach 1 Magnums on my gravity decks but I haven’t seen a pulley for them (78mm). But I have a thing for big wide square wheels :smiling_imp:


i searched in youtube and google and never saw someone complaining, maybe few cases happen but not regular. so i thing is a good risk/price.

but thanks for advice :wink:

The reviews on my wheels speak for themselves, and they aren’t that expensive…


If clones you must @JLabs are better than the ebay/ali ones but 90mm smallest


This right here is why we dont have good stuff…stop it with lowball stupid idea, stop supporting clones and copies and buy from real innovators before we lose them all…

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I mean if the dude is looking for clones cause he needs something cheaper then is he really in the wrong? Is it his fault as a consumer to try to save as much money as he can or the buisness fault for not looking for cheaper version of the product so that these clones don’t exist ? Consumers have absolutely no obligation to spend more money then they want to just to ensure a certain state of a market or an industry, that’s on business.


No he’s not under any obligation.

But, nobody’s forcing him to do anything. Just letting him know that supporting cheap knockoff companies has consequences, and its a bad thing for the ones who are pushing things forward.

The retitle the thread, remove the words best and quality if both things are not even a thought here. You want quality, you want the best, then you dont support clones…

But to blame him saying

Isn’t fair to him. It’s not his fault that quality wheels are so much . Nor should we expect anyone to pony up beyond their budget just for the sake of innovation There’s a reason why there are clones exist and it goes beyond the consumer. Innovation is nothing if in the end it ain’t consumer-friendly. Not saying that ABEC’s aren’t consumer friendly, but if I have to choose between a $60 difference that can go towards somewhere else , than innovations Ganna have to wait.

Same shit when we look at the VESC 6 and Focbox and 4.12 Generic X. For innovation I should support the first two, but if the latter almost does what the other two can without me having to pony up $300+ , guess where my Money is going ? Fuck out of here with that consumerist blame shit

@ChrisChaput might have something say about this community promoting the sale of clones over brand name products… Maybe he could provide some insight into how poor quality products hurt the reputation of the originals and how it hurts the bottom line of those who in invented the damn things. And all their employees. It literally takes money from the companies that produce the best products…the result is a higher price, less profits, less innovations and a bitterness you couldn’t imagine…but please go on and tell me again how all that is worth a buck…how your cheapness deserves consideration. It’s just cheap people wanting to buy things they cannot afford and try to jjustify to others while causing real harm in the process. Sorry but theres no excuse for it from my perspective…

While I’m aligned to @squishy654’s arguments I see both sides. The premium products usually leave a vacuum in the mid and low price tiers. Usually intellectual property protection prevents those tiers being filled by direct copies at least in appearance of the premium tier products. These protections are not really there for small and mid scale products/companies, especially with unscrupulous international manufacturers. @ChrisChaput has stated this in many places in the past (RIP silverfishlongboarding).

The fear for enthusiasts is, flywheel becomes synonymous with cheap clones, and Abec11 loses sales to the point of going bankrupt. And all we’ll have is cheap crappy wheels. this has happened in many product categories.

Still, without clones there’s a huge vacuum in the low and mid price range (with correspondingly crappier products). If only it could have been addressed without “cloning”…

Don’t get me wrong here , I buy wheels of all kinds , @JLabs, Flywheels , Evolves, Metroboards, hell I bought some ABEC’s last night ,

But, if the wheels work, and are cheaper , no need to shame the guy, especially if they meet his level of high quality. The existence of clones are as much as on the weakness of companies as it is the consumer. We just take what’s offered.

Do 80mm ABEC wheels even exist for current available sale ?

Exactly , my gripe is putting the blame of the existence of clones on the consumer , when it’s a multi level street where everyone understands the product that works and the most consumer friendly in terms of price and in the present time is king.

If you really want to support wheel makers, probably the best thing you can do is pick up freeride or something.

I can talk about buying brand name wheels, but the truth is any wheel I buy is nearly a lifetime purchase because my riding doesn’t wear them out quickly.

So, make sure you’re doing plenty of burnouts, thats what’s important here.

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