Bestech 10s BMS USA

No worries, let me know if I can help.

@korryh @mmaner From my conversation last night with Lucy, they could do 150A over current detection.

Donna: For the over current detection current, it is in range, how about 200+/-20A

Me: Can this be lower? 150+/-20A

Lucy: it is ok

Does anyone else understand what the over current detection voltage is? This was Lucy’s explanation: “This is the voltage related with current beyond your cells’ can handle, then our BMS will cut off the output be detection voltage”

quick question. do we know what the dimensions are? just trying to get an idea how and where to fit it on my pack.

yes, it is 120mm x 80mm x 25mm

They gave us the 150A+/-20A - yea!

Shipping and paypal from Bestech I just split it up 7 ways so it will be 11.33 per person

Add up your BMS Total+11.33+ the way you want it shipped

Let me know the way you want it shipped and your address in paypal.

My Paypal is [email protected] If I get all the money today I can put the order in. If I dont get the money today I wont be able to place the order till Sunday (their Monday).

@jaysoncena 9s x 2 and 10s me 10s3p @PXSS 10s x2 @mmaner 10s @sl33py 10s and 12s @Crushkrew 12s2p @thisguyhere 12s3p

9s - 38.50 10s - 39.00 12s - 40.00

shipping in US flat rate USPS (usually 2 days) 7.15 shipping in US first class 3 to 4 days 4.00 Shipping to Canada 13.50 if it is 8oz or under - I dont kow how much it weighs but probably under 8oz.


mine is 47.15 but I need to add an amount for “China Shipping”… how much?

Thanks… I can pay today…:wink:

@Crushkrew Shipping from china is 11.33 so yours is 58.48

Thx…just paid and PM’d you shipping address.

Thanks for organizing this GB!!!

Got it - thanks

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sent you $58.48, let me know if you need more.

Hey Korry! Thanks for lining these up.

$ sent for the 10s and 12s + other fees and USPS shipping.

I’m in no rush since i’ve lent out my spot welder… :wink:

@sl33py LOL, lucky guy. You may want to check your math. 39+40+11.33+7.15 lol again.

hehehe - i rounded up .02… 97.50… and then fat fingered 79.50.

sorry about that. correct amount sent.

All good , I know you are good for it and I have a hostage of yours that was just delivered.

Just sent $134.15

9S x 2 = $77 10S x 1 = $39 China to US = $11 USPS flat rate = $7.15

Let me know if I missed anything. Thanks!!!

got everything, will send to forwarder - thanks

payment sent.

I just got hit with a $2600 bill from the mechanic. If you haven’t ordered mine please don’t. If you have I’ll send it to you Friday. Sorry.

No biggie, I’ll order it for you anyway. Pay when you can.

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