Bestech 10s BMS USA

Looking at this BMS from bestech - I hear they have a 2 pc minimum and I only need one. Seeing if anyone wants to split the cost. The 2 below have differnt model numbers but I think they are the same. If anyone is interested I will email to get pricing.

@Stef I saw on another post you might be looking for one of these as well

Hi Korry, I bought two and could sell you my 2nd. You have PM

iā€™d be interested depending on the cost. Looking for one Bestech 10s and one 12s for two different setups.


Also looking for a 10s BMS.

Not sure what the cost difference is between the 10s and 12s but can you use a 12s for a 10s set up.

The 10S and 12 S have the same model number on their site - I emailed Lucy at Bestech to get pricing, I am sure I will build another pack sometime.

Here is the pricing for the 10s and 12s both with eswitch - ther is a dollr difference between the 12s and 10s. They are letting me know a time frame when they can ship and shipping costs.

Hey @korryh let me know. I would be interested to order a 10s BMS with these specs.

Here is what Lucy sent over and said it will be about 14 days and 36.00 for shipping (up to 4 pc) only a dollar difference between 10s and 12s.

@sl33py and @Quent17 we have to at least order 2 of each so I am going to wait till tomorrow to make the order and see if anyone else is interested. If needed I will order a 12S and use it for my 10s so we can have two 10s and two 12s. I will let you know my paypal tomorrow and the cost right now is 39+9+4 (the 9 and 4 is for shipping) 52.00 for the 10s and 53.00 for the 12S.

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Nice, Any idea of how long to receive it ?

Lucy said at most 14 days till it gets to my house then depending on where you live from Northern California will tell how long it will take after that.

Okay Iā€™m in Montreal, QC. Let me know when you order it.

Oh, your shipping from my house will be 13.50 if it is under 8oz to Montreal - I just shipped a couple motor mounts there last week. I will hit everyone up for money tomorrow.

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Will you order it this week @korryh korryh ?

Sorry all - I was actually busy today at work- hate that. I realized that it is Saturday in China so I will wait one more day to see if anyone else wants one and hit everyone up for money on Sunday (after mothers day mimosas of course) so I can put the order in.

@tonystark we are making an order for 10s and 12s BMS if you are interested.

No, thanks. I need 8s

Just to verify, this 10s BMS has the built j. E-switch and it $52 total?

Yes, so far that will be the cost per bestech. I will wait till Sunday to see if we get any more people.