Bestech 10s BMS USA

@Crushkrew @jaysoncena I will be contacting bestech tomorrow night if you want to add let me know and let me know your settings.

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@korryh yes I do want to get in on the order.

I will use it with a 12s2p 30q pack…what other info do you need from me?


Hey! I need a 12s bms, can you put in an order for me too? I can send over money now. Thanks!

Hey guys- I will tally up the BMS orders and email Lucy tomorrow which is their Monday to get a total with shipping.

I am new at building batteries and this started as a “I want to share the cost” thing but got bigger. I do not know anything about the values that need to be adjusted. Is anyone using this for lipos or any other chemistry besides lion, if so you will need to tell me the cut off limits.

I can help with values. I was planning on buying 2 10s. If the pricing is better then I’ll join the gb.

Just state what batteries you’re using it with.

Awesome! Samsung green cover lol. They are at work but I’ll look them up after the littles get done with Mother’s Day cards. Thanks!!

Hey @korryh, I found another BMS so don’t count me in!

@Quent17 Got it thanks for the update

@pxss they are samsung 25r cells

so far we have 5 10s and 4 12s

@korryh - Sorry but I’ll skip this one. I’m not sure of my bestech BMS configuration as of this moment. Thanks for tagging me anyway

10s4p or…?

My bad- 10s3p

I will use mine with a 12s2p 30q pack…thx

I just emailed Lucy for an updated quote for 5 10s and 3 12s plus shipping so I can get a hard cost. So far I have the following.

me 10s3p @PXSS 10s x2 - You offered to help tell Lucy the values @mmaner 10s - P value? @sl33py 10s and 12s - P value? @Crushkrew 12s2p @thisguyhere 12s3p

All please confirm that you are still in. @PXSS - thank you for helping us out, as soon as we get the values I will get the money from you guy and place the order. Cant wait to start welding some nickel.

@anorak234 - I take it your out

Yes I am in…thx!

yea i’m in

mine’s 12s3p li-ion (lg hg2)

hey @korryh, not to complicate things, but if bestech carries charger bricks for 12s (50.4v) that can be included in this buy, that’d be super helpful. no worries if you don’t want to include it.

Yes I’m out - found an alternative source. Thanks though!

@anorak234 - thats cool. Where do you ride in pleasanton. I ride a little on the iron horse trail but mainly just to work.