Bestech 10s BMS with e-Switch

Forgot that I still had this knocking around. Still completely unused, was never installed or wired up, so it’s just a brand-new Bestech 10s BMS!

It’s the high charge/discharge model, so it’s pretty much the best you can get for a 10s system. Link

  • £33 plus postage (probably be about £10, depending on where you are).

Happy to post anywhere in the EU, but I’m based in the UK so that’s preferred.

Im happy to take this off you to put on my raptor2.1. The enertion bms i had blew C16 straight off the PCB. Can you ship to australia?

that’ll be a damn tight fit my dude

thats what your mother said

and this is why i moved to esk8 news @PixelatedPolyeurthan

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Wtf lol?? :joy:

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is someone an only child with no thick skin?

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well this escalated quickly. And no, I wouldn’t post to Australia for someone with only one post on the forum. Though this is now 30 days old so I suspect you’ve found a replacement anyways!

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Updated with a price drop.

Hey I’m interested and would take it.

Want to use it for a 10s Lipo Battery Pack.

I’m located in Germany.

Sorry I had been off-site for a while, and I didn’t get any email notifications about waiting messages!

This is still for sale, so a bump for the listing.

I’ll take it sir , shipping to the Netherlands PM?

Postage seems to be £12 tracked and insured, I can get it packaged up and shipped asap

is this shipped yet?

It’ll be shipped on sunday, when we go for our weekly shopping trip. We are under lockdown here so we can’t make trips for posting parcels. No delivery companies are shipping over the weekend anyway.

No worries, Ah some people are having the pickup done from home, was not sure, feel free to toss anything typically UK in there as well… I dont think i’ll be able to visit… in a long time :frowning:

haha, any requests?