Bestech BMS e-switch rating

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a 10s bestech BMS with an e-switch. The current switch I’m using is a big BMS one from existing which is rated at 6a. What’s the minimum amps I should be looking at? I want to buy a smaller replacement to suit my new deck and enclosure.

Thanks, Daniel

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There is almost no current that flows through it. I would guess <1 amp


Okay perfect, thank you :slight_smile:

Make sure the new switch is for the right voltage. Not sure if bestech uses 9, 12 or 15V for the e-switch

Can’t seem to find the voltage on the documents they provide. It I st says e-switch. I’ve gone for one which is 12v, I hope that’s okay?

Could be right. I once where asking about the voltage for the e-switch but I can’t find the mail with the answer anymore. Maybe @Namasaki can say you what voltage usually used for the e-switch. Or just write a short mail to Lucy [email protected] The usually reply very fast.

Just a standard 12v automotive latching button or toggle switch works fine.


Perfect! The one I’ve ordered should be fine then.

The one I ordered is a 5 pin LED switch (link below). How do I wire up the LED function? :thinking:

Cheers, Daniel

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Just noticed it says “momentary”. I somehow feel that’s going to be a problem? :rofl:

Momentary switch will Not work

Try this one

I plan to fit it into the side of the hunmie deck and 16mm is too big. I was going to use that one and then I saw the momentary one which was smaller. I’ve been struggling to find one the right size!!

You might need a toggle switch then. Or mount your switch through the top of the deck like I did

Do you have any pictures? I wanted something that would sit flush against the side which is why a button pusher looks good!

Check out my switch mod here

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