Bestech BMS, where to solder the e-switch

Hey, I just wanted to make sure I solder my e-switch to the right pins on my Bestech BMS. On all the pictures I found there were 4 pins in the soldering location of the white wires and there 2 wires sticking out, but on mine there are only 2 pins and no wires sticking out. Now I’m not sure if I really have the HCX-D223V1 BMS with e-switch (as I was told by the seller) or if there only were a few changes on the design by Bestech.

On the top left are the 2 pins of the white wires:

On all the pictures I found this side looked different and there was writen “fuse” right next to the pins

near the wires of that sensor should be something like switch written on the lower pcb if it doesn’t have that you probably got the one without the switch

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So here inbetween I guess? No that space crowded with resistors on my BMS…

Seems like a got the wrong BMS then… Do you have any idea which one from Bestech it could be? Thanks a lot for your help though!

On the other side of the heatsink it says 24s 60a, I have to get in contact with my seller… I’m sorry for bothering you, I should have found that earlier.

Great opitunity to try out 24s man, dont let it go.


Haha you’re right I got to take advantage of my opportunity. If I solder 2 vescs in series it won’t exceed the limits, this build will be awesome :joy:

What seller did you get it from? The HCX-D223V1 is 80a not 60

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Yes thats the one I wanted and that I should have got from the seller. I want to copy your 10s LiPo BMS setup btw, thank you for that thread! :slight_smile:

I bought it from The seller answered quickly now and I will get the right one. He probably got the wrong one from the manufacturer as he only sells Bestech BMSes with e-switches. I have nothing bad to say against this seller though, the customer service is great and nice :slight_smile:

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