BesTech D596 wiring review

Hi guys,

could you please take a quick look at my wiring diagram below and check if I made any mistakes?


Here is the BesTech D596 datasheet for reference:

Looks OK to me. I’d add a physical switch to the negative wire between the BMS and the vescs (An XT90 loopkey), just as an extra layer of redundancy on top of the eswitch, just to have a physical way to disconnect stuff hsould the BMS decide not to turn off for whatever reason.

D596 has 13 balance wires, first balance wire (B0) goes to battery main negative (in your diagram, bottom unused balance wire)

Interesting! I updated the diagram. @Tinp123 but all other wiring stays the same?

@MysticalDork In this case I would also need to make the loop key accesible from outside the enclosure. Did you ever hear about problems with the e-switch? Or are you just some kind of overcautious :slight_smile:

Everything else looks good!

I would not go with loop key, there is just no need for it. Okay, if you want to be extra safe. But no need for it.

I’ve never heard of issues with that specific e-switch, but antispark switches in general have a reputation of frying after some use. I prefer to have a physical I-can-yank-this-if-everything-goes-to-shit option. It’s like the battery disconnector loop that Teslas have so that emergency services people can disconnect the HV traction battery in the event of a crash/fire/accident.

If you’re worried about waterproofing, you can always use some silicone sealant around and/or dielectric grease in the loopkey that will break away if you ever need to pull it.