Bestech Group Buy EU

Need some more BMS’s so Im making another one If you want custom specs just point that out and I will forward that to them

Last time the total price was about 60$ per bms shipped if you order 2 or more shipping can be cheaper,prices may vary

Contact me for any questions

Currently only 5 spots available if there is a need I can organize more group buys since I also need a lot of BMS’s

Also they produce them on order so its about 2 weeks after the payment for them to ship Just pm me with the bms you need and I will ask them for price



Pm’d 10 chars

I am interested!

I would like a HCX-D150 please, shipped to the UK

Waiting for them to reply with the latest price

I take one spot :slight_smile:

Wich BMS do you need

Dont know which one i should choose. I also Need to wait on an answer from my brother who wants 4.

  1. 12S / 60A
  2. 12S / 80A
  3. 12S / 100A
  4. 12S / >120A

12S 80A continuous is more than enough for every board out here, anyways just let me know

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Im in if there’s a spot left :+1:t2: