(Better than Freeboard) Bindings! finished 3d printable design in post#209!

Where did you get them? How much are you selling them for?




Following. Think i need something like this for Frankenstein board im planning.


Care to share details? There seem to be a bunch of those being built. @Gols build should have won the “Frankenboard of the year” award with his. https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/be-unlimited-electric-diy/78426

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Not quite that weird. But still something off the beaten path a bit. A mesh of unused parts i have around and a few pieces from other members. Backburner build. Focusing one my riptide rebuild and my Redember mostly.

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J en veux bien 2 (fix de freebord) si qlq un a ca

IN ENGLISH PLEASE ! Repeat after me : Brian is in the kitchen vas voir sur le site de freebord sinon


Why you don’t speak french .it s bad .

Question on the S2’s, can they be comfortably worn on the inside of the foot instead of the outside? …and would that make any difference if you need to bail?

I think it would be really strange on inside of foot. I’ve fallen with them several times and I can always easily pop off the board.

I use them on everything.


So has there been any updates on this?

Still hard to believe nobody has come up with a design or solution on how to make similar function bindings… or whoever did it has kept it to themselves…

I imagine it shouldnt be that difficult (to come up with working design) and then print it with strong filament and in worst case, reinforce it with steel bars or other reinforcement

Otherwise it is a shame only open type bindings are the Freeboard ones…

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I would really like something like this for a drop down deck.


I have no experience with designing such things though, so I’ll have to leave it only as a brainstorming idea for you mechanical engineering wizards.



Done. I am a genius. NASA should hire me


When is the group buy bruh?


Chrome plated, nice! Classy!


Hey what kinda shoes are those? Can’t make out the brand from the photo.

I’ve got a working model ready for 3D print but it’s super angular since my cad experience is limited. It works though, I can get around to sharing it tomorrow.

If anyone with more cad experience or bindings on hand wants to take the file and smooth it over I’d be more than open to it.


I could possibly help… you know where to find me :blush:


Nordikas :wink:

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Yeh a design to work upon would be great… im not into 3d modeling but perhaps if we had something to go on, it would be a lot easier to improve it over time