(Better than Freeboard) Bindings! finished 3d printable design in post#209!

Given the events that took place in the Freeboard bindings thread, I’m inclined to open a discussion and start working towards a lighter, more comfortable design with the community. There are a lot of people more qualified to take a stab at this than I am, but I’m in need of another project anyways and welcome any input. So - what are we looking for?


You talkin’ 'bout Foot Hookers? :grinning: Carbon fiber and aluminum construction= lightweight, more appealing aesthetic design, some way to mount optional battery gauge on Hooker of choice, more ergonomic and padded design, easier angle and height adjustment mechanisms, and that’s all I’ve got right now.


I totally agree. Someone should manufacture them for us.

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Alright, let’s do this! I’m thinking it should have a little bit of flex, so maybe use some kind of hard rubber? Let’s get @Alphamail in on this!


I certainly wouldn’t mind a more comfortable design, but I’d settle for just a lightweight version. The current freeboard design does have room for a battery meter.imageimage

  • A short ratcheting pole to adjust height, which also allows the angle to be set, or threaded bar to rotate to desired angle/height
  • Choice of mount plate- all 4 skate truck holes or tri-mount incorporating only two of the skate holes and third hole further back drilled into deck
  • Ability to ratchet off the foot assembly part to switch between natural/goofy quickly
  • padding inside of the hooker
  • optional OLED/power/cable management

Diy - 3d print / threaded bar/resourcefulness and inclusivity for all


If you guys make a better one, I’ll definitely consider getting some. One thing you could do is try to make them customizable with different colors and such.

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This is not my pic but how about something like this? image


ratcheting may be difficult. 2 thumb screws, 1 on bottom for height and 1 on top for angle should be doable.

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Sounds good, but what do we do about drop-down decks?

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It was @okp and his videos that convinced me to try the freeboard bindings. I wonder if he’s interested in tackling a project like this. I would definitely pre-order a pair.


You just pick the tri or quad mount plate and drill holes where you like, the quad mount plate would look a lot if not exactly like @akhlut’s x-thing with a threaded hole in the centre for the threaded rod/rachet pole

Unless it is not such a bad / cheap product like his jet spud clone board… :frowning:

Ohhhh I want those but green so it matches, know of any stl files for some.

So no-one came up with some design?

I was going to - unfortunately school started and things got crazy so it’s on the backburner. I believe @okp is working on something good though…


With the possibility of someone sending me a binding to scan and upload, I tried to get some time in the school shop. Long story short - we don’t have a 3d scanner anymore.

In light of that, I’ve used my preliminary cad skills to start working on my own binding system, heavily based off of freebord bindings to start and then I’m sure it’ll evolve from there. So far I’ve got the lower portion and fitting piece designed, with a 3 bolt system that allows vertical adjustment and some extra long screw slots in a semi-circle formation allowing for rotational adjustment. I’ll take some measurements of my shoes tonight and get working on the top half tomorrow.

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I have plenty of S2s if you need one, bud. Sincerely happy to help.


Stop giving away stuff I need lol. I’d love a set if you got another to spare. Talk price? @topcloud


I can send one as well, might be easier from the states.