Beware banggood and flipsky

I bought a defective dual + fsesc at banggood over a month ago. They asked for pictures and videos to prove that it is indeed faulty. I sent them but they are ignoring me right now. I casted a one star vote to warn others but they removed my vote. Seems they censor negative votes. Both banggood and flipsky have the wrong attitude. Seems the only thing they care about is a paypal claim. Be warned if you plan to buy a vesc right now.

take a look…0 votes. I bet they scammed quite a bunch so far.

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Ive always had shit customer service from flipsky.

this is my first (and last) experience with them


I bought one , Two weeks before . hope , is work , but frome flipsky site

The antispark is garbage. I can’t understand why they keep putting it on the pcb. Test it as soon as possible before you can’t complain about a faulty item

there is no other possibility to change the button ??

I am not sure about this. I think if you connect line with normally open you disable their stupid useless antispark so you can use a xt90 keyloop

hmm , sounds interesting , I hope it doesn’t hurt the vesc

You’re absolutely right, but testing won’t help when it inevitably burns out because all their antisparks lack a proper precharge circuit, last I checked. You’re just rolling the dice every time you turn it on.

I burnt out the antispark in one of my fsesc6.6 within 5-6 weeks of using it. Somehow the other one still works a year later.

They should absolutely ditch those though, they’re garbage as is.

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