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Big moving sale heaps of components 4 sale

I think it would be better if you make a list in your original post and write down whats sold and what not.

boys n girls, hi there
I have been rather busy today, so my lack of reply. (and being a new user on here…i have reached my max amount of replies allowed…so have to wait another 6hours)
I have received an overwhelming amount of replies and I will attend to all of them. To be fair to everyone, I will reply in chronological order and await your reply, as most of the questions are in regards to shipping costs from Taiwan.
Basis shipping costs being out of range for you and you choose not to buy it, then the next one in line who inquired will get the chance. Trust this is in everybody’s interest.
thanks again and best regards


All good thx

Is it possible to do are own pack ?

sorry for the late reply. they are not the trampa superstar.

I’m intersted in some items I sent you a pm

hi i stil have Pack 016 ?? plz