BIG PARTS FIND! Need some advice/opinions on this! (motor mounts)

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Right. So I’m no expert on electric skateboards. Only planning my first board right now. But I do know a hell of a lot about buying parts from China. So as we know motor mounts made by the community are expensive (and rightfully so, when making small batches costs are high), so it got me thinking, can I get my hands on some more mass produced mounts, made for Chinese/mainstream eboards? So I’ve sourced a few mounts now, that I believe aren’t known to you guys in the community in the western world. What do you guys think of these mounts? All criticism wanted! Obviously none of these seem suitable for ultra high performance builds, but for basic-moderate builds they don’t look too bad… (do they…?)

MOUNT 1: This mount is aluminium, seems to look quite robust. Not sure how good that screw attaching it to the truck will be. Do you think it’d be a strong enough mounting system? Comes with a nice cover, that seems to be 3D printed (very uncommon for China)

MOUNT 2: Cheap, robust looking, anything bad to say about it? Same screw-to-truck securing system.

MOUNT 3: Here’s a full kit system. Obviously for a cheap and compact board. Seems like a sturdy bracket…

MOUNT 4: Right so this mount isn’t being sold separately, but it’s a dual motor system (probably awful quality parts), but the brackets and trucks might be alright? Inspiration rather than something to buy most likely… :slight_smile:

MOUNT 5: YES. Trucks built for mounts. I wonder how they perform. The bracket that they come with doesn’t look to amazing though.

MOUNT 6: Motor mount a cover, made out of plastic… …YIKES!

Mount 7: 3 screws for mounting to the trucks. Could this be more promising?

Mount 8: What’s your opinion on this set with pulleys? With these slit holes for mounting the motor, is there ever a chance that the motor can slide even if properly screwed down? The wheel pulley also doesn’t have a lip on the outside, could the belt slip off?

Mount 9: Is it just me or is this tiny? Only has 2 motor screw holes, so probably useless.

So that completes my search! I literally only spent half an hour on this, so there’s probably 1 or 2 other mounts available. Just a little background on the site: It’s called It’s run by the Alibaba group. It’s like Aliexpress, but only for the Chinese. You can only buy from this site if you live in China. The payment and shipping system is completely different to what we are familiar with. It is impossible to buy from this site unless you have an agent. I have a contract with an agent as I regularly buy parts (for my business (not skateboard related at all)) from Taobao and several other Chinese sites/manufacturers. If there’s an interest, I can pick up a few parts for us all to try out? I live in Ireland but I can post anywhere in the world. I know the prices here are ridiculously cheap, but once they reach me (after paying agent fees, warehouse fees, shipping fees, taxes etc) they’re approx 40-50% more expensive than what’s listed on the site, but even then they’re very cheap.

If you want to browse the site yourself, you’ll need to use google translate to put all your search words into Chinese. When you’re on the site, you can use google chrome to auto translate the pages. The prices are in Yuan (not Yen!! That’s Japan). I would not recommend anything like ESCs or motors or wheels from Taobao. But things like chargers and battery protection boards are 100% good from sites like these.

So what’s your opinion on these parts? What’s your favourite? Anything here actually worth trying out? Would you like me to make a new thread with other parts? Eg. controllers? As there are also lots of very interesting options on here…!


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I didn’t look at any of the mounts, but I have heard nothing but bad things about Why not consider a TB or Enertion mount?

too much hassle IMO

Taobao is probably the best online web shop in the world. You just need to know what you can and can’t buy. In the case of mounts, I’m really not sure, hence asking for advice/opinions.

In my case it’s actually less hassle than ordering from somewhere like eBay. So if anything looks decent I’ll buy it for myself to test it at first, and even get in more if anybody else wants to try them. It’s no hassle at all on my end at least :wink:

If you could organize group buys I think a lot more people would be interested (after testing ofcourse)

I could definitely organise group buys, but I don’t have the confidence to give the green light on any of these. I’ll try the best one out to test, but I’ll need some more experienced e skaters to try them out too, as my word doesn’t mean much considering my lack of experience. But we’ll see if anyone else on here is interested in testing a few, and I can buy some in for that purpose

This one looks very promising!

Bushings are probably crap, but with new bushings it could be pretty decent?

I like the look of #8

Thanks for the input. Check out this weird double bracket one… Little weird…

Interesting design don’t know how practical tho. You use huge motors for duel rear.

What do you buy from taobao for your business

I design portable speakers, I buy a good few of my parts from there. Taobao is a truly excellent site, you just need to know what’s ok to buy and what’s not

I’m guessing this sort of config is intended for very short trucks? I’ve never seen anything like it before

*Misread your question. I buy speaker drivers, battery related stuff (but not the cells themselves), and amplifiers and bluetooth modules.

Have you got a website im just interested. I have ordered from taobao a few time didnt use a agent

Oh really? What country are you in? It can be easier depending on the country you’re in. Australia/America have it a little easier to Europe, but even still, it’s quite difficult as you know yourself. Here’s my Facebook:

I live in the UK i found it very simple ordering from taobao

Edit :your facebook page looks great

Can you drop me a PM? Would love to hear about your experiences doing so!

Sure i like what your doing with your speakers aswell