Big Red, Little Budget (new build for my 10 yr old son)

Hi Everyone! My son and I are kicking off a new project, so thought I’d bring you all along for the ride. He has been practicing pushing for the last month and just recently told me that he’s ready to start building. Unsure at this time if he will be riding standing up or sitting down. Right now he’s doing a little of both.

Our goal is to build him something as inexpensive as possible. There are quite a few things he already has as a result of some recent birthday gifts, as well as left over parts I’m donating to the cause. I’ll plan to keep this first post updated with a link to all the parts we used, including a total cost of all parts purchased so far (not including shipping).

$40 Deck and grip tape (Loaded Vanguard knock-off):Link here $50 Split Angle Caliber II Trucks (50’ & 44’): Link here $29 97mm Flywheel clones and bearings: Link here $17 Dickyho motor mount: Link here $16 Dickyho 36t wheel pulley: Link here $3 Dickyho 15t motor pulley: Link here $2 5M 290 Belt: Link here $30 5060 270kv Motor: No longer sold from vendor $23 Remote: Link here Total so far: $210

Here are some pics of his current longboard:

I’m looking forward to using this build as an opportunity to teach my son about physics, basic mechanical functions, radio-waves, brushless electronics, soldering, as well as some father-son quality bonding time.


That’s awesome. We gotta get together soon. He can teach me how to put my board together lol


I wish i had a dad like this, so cool that u guys are doing this. Its awesome seeing all these father son builds recently. Good luck


For sure man. Hit me up when you are ready to get together.

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Maybe next week. All the parts are here.

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@Sender i was talking with @monsterbuilder today about his board for his boy whem he came over to help me with some soldering stuff. We got on topic of board control for kids seeing they are much lighter. I think i remember you doing custom bushing set ups for your kids boards. Think you could toss some tips his way on your findings?

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Thanks for the shout out yo!


Yeah man, 10 year olds are light. Donyou have the stock bushings? Even run loose as possible it is not enough.

Try running something like a really soft barrel bushing board side rear and a soft cone road side.

Try the same in thr front, but I had to go to soft cones on both board side and road side on the front for my 5 year old. And I didn’t use any washers which also helps.

It feels like a wet noodle for anyone over 90 pounds but he can turn! And he looks stable up to 13mph or so.


I will take some pictures next time I think about it.

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Thanks for the quick reply @Sender! My 10 year old weighs about 50lbs, so he’s a pretty light. Right now we are using the stock Caliber bushings with the trucks about as loose as you can make them. I was telling @Skunk today that he can turn the board but there is almost no rebound back to center.

I’ll give your suggestion a try. And yeah, pics would be awesome!

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Thats deffo the problem. Stock calibers are wayy too hard for the little man!

I would grab some riptides bushings. Two sets of cone bushings (the softest and second softest they have can’t remember that durometer off the top of my head) and one set of the softest barrel bushings. You should be able to find something that will work with that!


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edit: sry for reviving a 3 month old thread. hows this build now?

Was just about to go off on you for reviving, Do people seriously not read the dates?

No worries man. The build is on hold at the moment, but hoping to have some updates within the next few months. Thanks for checking in!

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Soon. Soon. Lol


i usually do, but i thought it was new cause, welp i’m stupid.

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