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Biggest Ever Sale | Enertion Carbon Fiber Dual Drive Complete | 24hrs only


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The Enertion Carbon Fiber Dual Drive Eboard Will be featured in the next issue of Boarders Magazine, they needed some artwork for the page, so the baby, the wife & I went out last night to take some photos in Adelaide… this is what we came up with!


I was trying to think of a comment for this, but I think @longhairedboy always does it best, so I’ll leave it to him, lol.

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That face though! :joy: maybe post the link to the article once it’s out.

Blue steel?..Don’t rip me to hard… its the effort that counts…

Other than that good photo though!

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Forget the photo, what about that great deal on a top spec complete @ USD 1,330 inc shipping.

Hope this proves really successful for you onloop, because if someone is after a complete board, don’t think there’s a better deal than that.

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Perfect for a magazine cover! Congrats man!

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the steezy cheez is strong with this one lol

I’m going to laugh at this. And laugh some more, then i’m going to keep ordering parts from him.

If this cover gets used i’m putting it on my garage wall. I’m going to point at it and say to my kids “i remember when this guy was an upstart and couldn’t get a battery through hong kong on time and kept delaying shipments because of a belts. Now look at him. Duck lips. That’s what fame does to people, kids.”


im not exactly sure what this is, but ill take it as a compliment

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steezy is a snowboarder term that naturally migrated into anything board related. Its an amalgamation of ‘style’ and ‘easey’ (steezy) or ‘style’ and ‘ease’ (steez)

cheeze is what you do to your face when a picture is being taken. its a smile.

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steeze is used a lot in snowboarding, you are bang on, stylish and easy.
but its not exclusive to snowboarding. who could forget that 1998 Gangstarr classic?

You know my Steez!

final product pictures

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love the way you did the griptape!

That is impressive package.

Compares favorably over Boosted, Evolve, Metro.

You could sell a James Bond version with smoke dispenser for dramatic getaway.

Give us a tour of the insides.

How long does it take to swap batteries?

i count 12 screws, so… 5 minutes? unless you use two sided tape on your space cell, then you have to add in a minute or two for sliding that paint scraper around inside the compartment and then replacing the tape. i would probably just use a foam pad though and let the lid keep the pack in place.

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@CSN I have been compiling data using my Boosted Dual+ over the same park & street routes using running/cycling tracking software downloaded on my phone. I am really interested in the speed range comparison between the two. Also have a friend with a Yuneec and another with a Dual+ with a custom extended battery pack. I can tell you here has been a great difference in range between my son who is 55kg and me at 130kg on the Boosted Dual+.