is now live!

The dude is my personal. :joy::man_shrugging:



Is that a 18s battery? Beautifully constructed as usual. I’m guessing 4p.

Yes but 8p

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Shoot. I’ll definitely be visiting the site and recommending you for batteries for sure.


Whenever you’re making a battery of higher amps/current, do you double the nickel welds? Or just keep it single .2mm welded depending?

I’ve seen battery makers work, but I’ve never gotten that answer for myself.

I generally don’t like to stack nickel as the second layer welds will usually break or come apart much easier… having a higher voltage pack actually cuts down on the ampacity required not add to it which seems backwards I know.

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Thanks for the info.

I mean there is definitely a lot more to it than that… but in esk8 there aren’t even escs capable of pushing amps that high so🤷‍♂️

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Yes. I only needed info on the esk8 area. I only know how to restore power tool batteries.

Thanks a lot. Appreciated.