Binding question

Doesn’t anyone have any idea how to customize binding hardware so it can be easily taken off? I’m have a Kaly NYC XL2.0 on the way and I don’t want to have to remove the enclosure every time I want to take the bindings off. I’m considering freebords, trampas, and MBS bindings if that makes any difference.

You can bolt freebord bindings down with the truck hardware

Yes you would use those countersunk threads instead but I do not know if they would be strong enough

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Oh that would be perfect!!! Maybe some hardcore adhesive would make it strong enough?

Yeah maybe , i removed enclosure and drilled straight through and just used but and bolt , I toyed with the idea of using those countersunk threads , I would probably ask Ernesto if they are suitable and also use glue , you would need to remove enclose to install them but once installed it won’t need to be removed again