Bintang - E-Board project

Hello E-Board builders,

This time I’m posting the whole process of building my second E-Board, I chose the Sector9 Bintang this time for my build (EVOLVE inspired)

I bought a set of Gullwing Sidewinders trucks with an upgrade on the hangers, which I took from the Evolve because I wanted my trucks to be very wide.

Some tools and stuff…


SUPOWER SYSTEMS BMS (Installed for charging only)

  • I first installed the BMS for charge and discharge, but I had the problem that when my board is fully charged and I apply brake while riding it, the BMS turns of the whole system, so I have no braking available.


For this board I choose the Samsung 30Q, much more capacity in the same size.

15-40 pulley setup 15mm belt wide.

10S4P Modular pack

  • I made my battery modular so I could bring it on the airplane with me. Each pack has 88.8Wh, and the airplane limit is 100Wh, I’m not sure yet If there is a limitation on the number of packs.

Putting things together.

I soldered the 5mm bullet connector to assemble the 10S4P

Custom flexy fiber glass enclosure.

With the help of a carpenter, he grooved a section of the board to install the wiring without increasing the height of the battery pack.

Putting things together 2, I added a battery level indicator and a heavy duty charging port.

Finally, the 97mm ABEC 11 were back again in stock, I bought them right away.

I removed the griptape that the board came with to hide the nutsert that would hold the enclosure on it´s place.

I added an UBEC (MiamiElectricBoards) to feed the 5V LED Strip I installed in the front hanger.

Lightnin testing.

I rounded the EVOLVE hangers on the lathe to install the motor mount clamp.

I got the motor mounts plate from TORQUEBOARDS and the 6355 230KV motor from KALYNYC and this is the final result.

On/Off switch in the front truck.

On/Off switch for the lightnin in the rear truck

PS: Thank´s EBoosted for helping my with my build and letting me use his tools.


sweet build.

which lights did you use?

I used a 5V LED Strip,

That’s a great build! Congrats Mario!

I rode the eboard yesterday and this think is fast and very carvy, in comparison with the Evolve Bamboo this board is better in all departments, speed, range, torque, carving, looks, features, throttle sensitivity and regulation, customization, etc.

It rides smooth and does not rattle on uneven pavements or when crossing potholes.

@kaly motors are amazing!

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Looks awesome, could I have more info on your battery? Looks great and I am interested in building a pack possibly like this in the future.

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@Smorto This is my 10S4P 30Q battery pack.



Awesome thanks, do you have any more pictures about where and how you put your balance cables? I am a bit confused by this in the diagram.

Balance cables are soldered on the series nickel connections. In a 10s4p you have 10 packs of 4 cells. You find the main negative pole, which is the start of the battery, and you solder the first balance cable on the strip that connects the positive of the first pack with then negative of the second. The second goes between 2nd and 3rd, and so on. Last one connects to the main positive wire


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Ok, thanks!

Name related to the Indonesian beer?

which button did you use for BMS? @MBuilder

I used an AntiSpark switch from TorqueBoards.

Could you link a charger also? Is it a plug and play charging experiance or how do you do it?


hey this is a great diagram for discharge only


Thanks bro, appreciate it!

Hello Rok,

Sorry for the delay, it is a plug and play experience. Here are the parts I used. DC plug.

Charger. BMS.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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