Bioboards Big Sale! Big discounts!

To clear the stock for the winter, we run a big sale! Limited stock so don’t wait too long! The sale is valid for the week out!

All items in stock and ship same week you order (if Friday it ships week after)

To se correct shipping price go to checkout(not cart) and write full correct adress and you will get options like fedex, ups, dhl etc.

Focbox Unity ~272 USD They are upgraded with following: 10AWG + XT90 Battery cable (original 12AWG + XT60) 12AWG + 5.5 Bullet + 2cm longer (original 14AWG + 3.5 bullet) Button cable is also 6 cm longer then original!

Nano X remote ~45 USD

6880 180kv motor ~101 USD

Landyachz EVO Falcon 40 ~101 USD for original version and ~121 USD black version

12S Fastcharger 5A ~40 USD

Stickers included with all orders :smiley:


Adding 6374 220kv for 91usd!

Get them before sold out!