Bioboards Eskate webshop

Hi, many of you probably know about Bioboards, we started from this forum. But for those who dont, we make and sell high performance electric skateboards and parts. Here is our high performance board Plutonium 2S with a topspeed up to 110km/h:

Here is some popular DIY parts we sell: High performance 16S esc:

6495 145kv high performance motors:

Nickel tabs for spotwelding precutted for 6P and 8P doublestack:

Heatsink for BioX/Ubox/Stormcore:

12S smart bms with bluetooth:

Same version but 16S:

Skateboard deck with carbon enclosure:

12S superfast charger:

16S extremly fast charger:

We have even more parts, you can find them at and we ship worldwide!