Bionic Wheels electric mountain board

So I found this. One of my daughters friends, her dad has this old mountain board which looks to be from before 2009. The website takes you to the surf shop blue planet. It appears his runs on three SLA batteries with a 800w brushed motor. Anyone own or come across this?

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I saw one of these, it’s about what u expect from brushed motor, under performing noisy machine. it can go 25% hill. not sure about the speed but not fast I think it is a good beach machine - big wheel high off ground, heavy-

Yeah. 800w isn’t record setting. It’s still in fairly decent shape. Batteries are toast though

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These are still being sold today… For as much as 700 euro.

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I don’t know if I bought it off him and fixed it up I would even make any money.

Here, nope. Most people are familiar with them I guess or would be after some research. Elsewhere you might still get 200-300, provided the specs haven’t changed.

Since they don’t mention any specs, it’s also hard to tell if they upgraded their components since 2009.

These boards go back a loooong time and are essentially the off-road version of meepo/wowgo/insert random rebrand. There are still plenty of resellers.

but the do have an electronic anti blocking brake system… would ne cool to have for the VESC

What trucks do they have installed?

Not sure. I didn’t take that good of a look

Here is a video I found:

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I doubt that. Are you sure?

Nope, not sure without opening the case. He said the battery never lasted very long and his buddy was going to replace them with three motorcycle batteries. According to the brochure they offered multiple battery types, SLA batteries being one option.

This board did get configured with SLA batteries…HEAVY

Right. That’s what I was thinking

Yea its a brushed motor with 3 SLA Cells about 36lbs…

That was all that was available at that time…