Bits and pieces + Helmet

As the title states, I have Bits and pieces - Antisparks - Turnigy Balance Chargers to sell… so items are dead that I just want to get rid of

@Martinsp antispark (New) 23$ + shipping


Dead Anti-spark, BKB Anti-spark, Flipsky Anti-spark, Lunacycle Anti-spark - All these Anti sparks are dead, 0.50$ each + shipping


Hobbyking Balance Charger 80W (Used for a month) 20$ + shipping (SOLD) IMG_20190411_153648__01

Turning Nano Tech 3s 850MAH 4$ Each + shipping (there is about 1 cycle on each)

IMG_20190411_154456__01 I am a hoarder…

If all lipos are brought together I will include a lipo bag

where are you located?

Brooklyn NY

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ohw shipping wil be too much than

Where are you located?

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im located in the Netherlands

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What were you planning to buy? :joy:

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i was planning on taking a look if i can fix the antisparks

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Bump. :smiley: price lowered just a little

Also have a Triple 8 Gotham boosted edition, there are tons of scratches over it, all cosmetic never taken a fall in it

30$+ shipping

IMG_20190412_200416 IMG_20190412_200453 IMG_20190412_200503 IMG_20190412_200352 IMG_20190412_200404

How fast were you able to get with your lipos? Range?

They’re for remotes and drones and shit like that, you would get a mile tops out of those batteries.