BKB x Kaly build // BKB Tayto Deck + Enclosure // Kaly Gear Drivetrain // Focbox Unity // 12s3p Sanyo 20700B cells

I can already hear the collective “Dammit Neil” from the New Yorkers

Rehash of parts I had lying around.


Tayto Deck + Enclosure

Kaly gear drive + hanger

Fatboy angled riser for trampa trucks

Focbox unity

12s3p 50.4v 12.75ah 640wh 45a battery


Bms? Where’s that on here

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I’ve stopped using bms’s and just balance charge manually during maintenance days.


Love this…

That deck reminds me of my loaded cantellated tesseract. I’ve always wanted to do a build on it but I havent been able to decide what to do.

Thanks for the inspiration!

It’s hard to tell by reference but those are the Trampa mini spring trucks?

Nope, they’re the regular trampa trucks.

how often do you have these maintenance days?

At least once a month. Sometimes weekly.