Black Abec 11 107mm, three sets available, USA

Spent a while looking for these wheels in stock. Most retailers have them on back order.

I managed to find a shop in Cali that has a few in stock at a great price. Just confirmed with their FB support. Looks like only three sets are available though.

image image

What coupon code did you use?

That’s a great shop. Surprised to see they have these. Killer price!

No coupon needed, back to school sale

I don’t need these, I don’t need these, I don’t need these



Something doesn’t add up here… picture is of the Super Fly’s but the listing says Electric Flywheel… those are definitely different wheels. Main difference is hub location, electric flywheels are center set and super fly’s are offset. If they actually are super fly’s I’mma hafta buy eet.

Yea saw that too. Hopes it’s what’s pictured because I know those work with TB wheel pulleys. Bought a set so I guess I’ll find out!

Are they not prone to chipping like the Evolve/Abec 107s?

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Good news to anyone who bought these! They are 107 Superflys like what is pictured:


Great deal at $115!

I had to return a shipment of wheels to one of these skate companies because they sold me “Electric Flywheels” but when it arrived they were Superfly Wheels instead. I returned them and made them pay for the shipping both ways

Goddamnit lol. When I was putting together my build the Evolve yellow and black 107s were out of stock, so I got the green and orange ones. Then the Evolve ones came back in stock a few days ago (I thought I would be done with my build by then but with this hobby you’re never done when you think you’ll be :stuck_out_tongue:) so I grabbed those. If only I had seen this!

This is an expensive hobby that requires a lot of patience that is for sure. But more and more people are getting into it so I can only expect to see more parts available.

BTW I checked yesterday and the Evolve Abec 11 107s from their site were still in stock

It was a risk to purchase, but seeing that they are so expensive and hard to find, I went for them. Just had to wait and cross my fingers until their Facebook support got back to me. Fortunately it was what I was hoping for because I know these will work with my setup with TB pulleys: