Black ABEC11 ReFly wheels 90mm, 97mm in "74A reflex"

I just noticed these but haven’t heard about them anywhere. Has anyone tried these?

90mm 90mmReFly

97mm 97mmReFly


I saw one company that had black flywheels that had the super man logo on it so I guess it would be the superflys

Yes, those are SuperFly, but as far as I know, the SuperFly have always been “reflex” formula. These are the first regular Flywheels I’ve seen in reflex formula. Please correct me if I’m wrong

I think you are right the normally have the classic thane.

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Damn! Seems like croozerboards always gets these first. :smile:


I have a set of 107 Reflys in my shop. HeeHee


I kinda want a set, are they pretty much the same as flywheels?

Dude, The 107’s are Superfly’s. Right?

Some ABEC11 107mm wheels are SuperFly. There are also Electric Flywheels which are not SuperFly

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What is the reflex formula?

That’s a question for @ChrisChaput

For anyone interested I’ve got a set of 107mm electric flywheels for sale :wink:

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At Abec 11 we’ve formulated a variety of hard and soft urethane formulas but the two most popular SOFT urethanes are our Classic and Reflex formulas. Both are very high in rebound and therefore are very fast. The Classic formula is typically chosen when you want a smooth and predictable slide like in freeriding, thrashing, and on technical downhill courses. The Reflex formula is used when you want a higher level of traction and/or greater longevity. It has hard carving applications in downhill, slalom, as does very well on electric skateboards.

We’ve had great success with 74a, 77a, and 80a durometers. For electric skateboards most people want a LOT of really soft smooth urethane and so they get big Flywheels in 74a.

Currently all 107mm Flywheels are “SuperFly’s” which means that although they are wider to the outside than our 83mm, 90mm, and 97mm Flywheels, they are the same width on the inside as the others and are therefore 100% compatible with all of the wheel pulleys designed for Flywheels. We are not currently making the original 107mm Electric Flywheels because very few electric skateboard vendors other than Altered made trucks and wheel pulleys that are compatible with the inside edge of the wheel.

Later this year we will be adding 97mm and 90mm SuperFly’s (wider to the outside) and an 83mm BigZig HD offering with an integrated pulley on a smaller core which has a TON of urethane for such a (relatively) short wheel.


Good stuff, one question though - I thought you guys were shutting up shop?

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this sounds REALLY cool!


BigZig 83mm with more urethane due to integrated pulley sounds perfect for small cruisers! Any pics or details about the product ? 15mm wide pulley I hope, and 38t or 36t would be nice. HTD5 ofc.

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Would love to see that on the Centrax.

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A Centrax HD version would be problematic in that the wheels would be so wide on the inside that you’d need an extra wide hanger and/or narrower belts to fit them on a deck and still have room for two motors …

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Reports of our death have been highly exaggerated …