Black Friday/ cyber Monday 2018 hope/wants/rumors/predictions

“bf2018” gives 15% black friday discount on my new mounts, pulleys, etc at:

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Is this just for the MBS us site? or do/will the codes work on mbs eu as well? @MBS

Added to consolidated thread as well thanks!

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Those codes are just for the US site -
If I hear anything from I’ll let you know.


@MBS, while you are here, may I ask you if it is possible for MBS US to ship internationally? There are no resellers around me and actually, USA is probably the closest.

Our site ( won’t ship outside North America unfortunately.
Send an email to [email protected] (CC: [email protected]) with what you want and mention the discount codes (per Joel). They’ll sort something out for you. Joel


Thanks for your help man and for the discounts and for being awesome.


can anyone suggest where to look for the best deals from reputable dealers -10s3p 30q flat pack -6374 motor -focbox -trucks/mount for a short single mount board but upgraded later to dual -solid kick tail deck with accompanying enclusre to fit it all

sorry for lots of questions, just excited for my first build

I have the 6374 on sale for BF. The new Tayto deck also looks like it will be perfect for the build. I have the enclosure and 11s3p battery available as well.

The BF ad:


Enclosure: Battery:

I wasn’t going to include the battery in the BF sale but you can PM me and we can work something out


You beet me to it, I was about to link the 6374’s :slight_smile:


I am on those AS switches like a fat kid on cake.


Eboosted also has some discounts going on battery packs.

image My black friday deal ^ :slight_smile:


In case anyone want anything from ebay. Such as 107mm superfly and bearings maybe?

15% off order with code ‘PICKFAST’ on eBay mobile app valid from 8AM ET - 8PM ET on 11/21.

Max discount of $100, only applicable for one transaction (can have multiple items in cart).

its coming…Screenshot_20181121-210800_Chrome


Wheres their BF disc though ):


Avenuetrucks has also 20% on BF sales.

Is there a coupon? Right now they are 5.99

No coupon code?

Just checked It might be over now.

If you missed the Black Friday Deal with Insta360…here’s your chance to get it again

Free shipping and free selfie :selfie: stick if you purchase the ONE or ONE X

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