Black on black with a side of black: LHB witchblade AT on Trampa and Torqueboards gear

Sooooo about 3 months ago i got an order for an AT build but he wanted Trampa gear. So i started looking into it and found that one key element was missing from my build: the angled risers. Luckily @okp hooked me up with 10 of his amazing precision risers for use in this build and in a few more future builds should anyone else want one of these monsters.

relevant skate porn:

all the peices with the risers front and center. Torqueboards Trampa gear, Trampa infinity trucks, 8" trampa wheels, my own motors, VESC-Xs, and a 12S5P 30Q pack i built for it. PAck not pictured, i probably hadn’t built it yet at this point.

did a little granity metal look inside the wire channels.

and the rest is just black for now until testing is finished, at which point i’ll scrub it down and do the artwork so its delivered clean.

I’ve got more pics coming. Last night i finally got the rivets set for the box bolts, got the box packed full of goodness, and charged it fully for the first time. Tonight i’m bolting it all together and will take it out on the street for initial tuning, then its going out into the yard for additional testing and tuning.

I fully expect this damn thing to throw some grass up in the air, but its primary role will be more of a commuter with a side of offroad as opposed to the typical dirtnados that are the usual trampa based fare.

More pics and stuff to come.


Nice! will stay tuned! @longhairedboy Watched your shred lights video today you gained a sub,will you film any of your builds as they progress? @lowGuido watched your build of the electric drift trike today, i like the way you soldered all the xt Connectors together to connect all the batteries,simple but effective you also gained a sub my dude!


fully assembled this thing is a monster.

Just ran it up and down the block to tune the throttle response on these giant gears. More extensive testing will happen. Hopefuly involving some grassy lots.


That looks badass! How’s the ride up there? I want to try building something like this, but I’m not sure I’ll like the ride height.

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now that the trampa dampas are removed it rides pretty damn carvey and its very, very fast and stable at speed.

I’m still tweaking the vescs. needs more startup boost, it doesn’t tear out of grass the way i want it to.

Awesome. When DIYers meet DIYers with a build made as a gem. That’s what I’m talking about. Keep it going mate!

last night i got it to throw up a little bit of grass. no more cogging at startup. I was in that deep ass pillow floof grass too that swallows up lawnmowers and children.

i’ve almost got it the way i want it. Then I can seal it up and do the detail work.