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Blackhole Evo | Landyachtz Evo Falcon | 10s5p | Dual Focbox | TB 6355

This build has been many months in the making while accumulating parts. Hence the name “Blackhole Evo” as this has been an expensive journey. But alas, it was worth it. The final product is simply awesome.

I started with the basics that I knew would be in the final board.

-Landyachtz Evo Falcon

-107mm Abec 11

-Caliber II trucks

-Riptide bushings

Planning out the power system I knew that I wanted to use a newer vesc than the TB 4.12 that I already have. The breif moment I had with FOC was great, so that was going to be a criteria for this build and I needed something reliable. I had already purchased two Focboxes earlier this year from their summer sale, but didn’t know if I wanted to use those or not. A short time after that another Escape GB started so I jumped on that and a GB buy for two Flipsky 6.6 as well. So in the end I had 3 three different ESCs to choose from. That was expensive, but curiosity has a way of spending my money.

While waiting for more parts I had some time to mill a heat block for the two Focboxes. The part turned out better than I expected and I was actually curious to know if it would make a noticeable performance difference. Plus I went with a 10s5p battery so it made more sense to use them anyway.

So for the electronics:

-Dual Focboxes

-TB 6355 190kv

-10s5p 30q battery

-Nano-x remote

-HM-10 bluetooth module

image image

The 10s5p came from @psychotiller , a double stacked flat pack that fits the board well. Unfortunately neither of the two enclosures I got from Psychotiller would fit the deck without loads of modification (why can’t I just copy what others have done). So I went with the @eboosted enclosure, not knowing if I’d be able to fit the battery.


I’m glad I did, with a 3/8 in foam gasket the eboosted enclosure fits perfectly and looks great. On a side note, this is the only way I will assemble boards from now on. Attaching everything to the board was so much easier to get the clearance I needed. Removing the enclosure is also much easier.

image image

On the drive/powertain, I wasn’t going to bother with forward mounted motors. I’d rather not have those space restrictions even though I really like the stealth look with FOC. So instead I’m using TB extended reverse mounts along with 18t motor pulleys and 36t wheel pulleys. Red wheel pulleys came from ebay and needed to be lathed down to 12mm.

image image

Upon testing I immediately determined there was either an issue with the motor, sensor wire, or Focbox because hall detection was not working. After eliminating some variables I determined that one of my new Foxboxes was faulty, the one that came with the mangled connectors…

I really didn’t want to deal with Enertion, but I had spent too much effort configuring this board for focboxes. I decided before getting too angry to open the ESC and see if anything obvious stood out… and there it was. image very fortunate to just be a bridged connection

With the problem fixed and FOC working perfectly it was time for a test ride.

I used these settings:

Motor max 70 motor regen -40 Batt max 40 batt min -10 (not sure what I can go up to here safely)

Despite how I feel about Enertion I really like their remote. The speed selector switch should be standard on all remotes. On full power the board is a rocket and feels just as good as my other 12s board with 6374s. Top speed is perfect too, right at 40mph thanks to the 18t wheel pulley. Feels very stable and I have no problem taking corners at speed. Couldn’t be happier with the performance.

image image

Couldn’t get the HM-10 module to pair. I really wanted to see some actual data but the module will not pair to my android phone. It’s visible as “HMsoft” in bluetooth settings, but when I attempt to connect it doesn’t. Not sure if I have properly enabled PPM + UART on the ESC. I select PPM + UART but when I check the vesc tool again (App Settings> general) it shows only PPM.

If you have any insight I’d appreciate a comment.

Thanks for looking.


Damn bro, That’s a sexy looking build! How come you went with the 6355 and not 6374?

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Because he has caliber 2 trucks.

Nice build! Damn everyone has an Evo…I feel left out of the club.



one of my favorite builds this year.

everything you need - and nothing you don’t.

do heart!


@Jake2k17 yeah what @mixedcreation said. I wanted a narrower overall profile plus 6355 motors have plenty of power.

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@Static did you get your 18t from Ebay? I have 2 coming from dickyho…but just wondering if you got them from another source.

How is the torque with your setup?

They came from diyelectric. The torque is excellent although I’m running near max settings for my setup.

Damn dexter had 18t… I obviously missed that. Thanks for the heads up.

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It’s possible that your phone is too new. It doesn’t work on Android 8. In my case it only works on my old phone.

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Looks great man! Just love the evo deck. Quick question. Did you get the bolt set from Alan? If so did you install the nut serts under the deck or through the top. Can’t tell from the pics

I know right. Seems I’m late to the party. But there none the less soon

Well I figured out how to write the PPM+ UART setting to the vesc and I finally have the Metr module working. Still nothing on the HM-10 I think I’ll try an older phone @Grozniy

@dareno they are installed under the deck. @psychotiller made a pretty good write up about mounting


Snap :smiley:

20180904_145226 20180906_093522


Ha that’s nearly the same board! It’s a great ride isn’t it? I didn’t find the need to use the idlers either.

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Honestly, might as well be the same board! 10s5p 30q, foxboxes, calibers, 107s, tb reverse.

Best feature for me is that you can stand it on the nose with perfect balance :grin:

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well i saw landyachtz and immediately clicked it. i’ve ridden this board but i was pushing it and was amazing. i wanted this to be my first build but 500€ for the battery is an abuse… in europe it’s hard to get these stuff without it being on the customs and paying a lot of money to get them back.

edit: found a place where i could get a 10s2p for 250$ i don’t need a huge range 10 km are enough for my daily comute but still i know that they’re coming from the USA and going to pay taxes as soon as they enter portugal…

Podes falar com @Acido ou @PWR-BOARDS sobre baterias personalizadas dentro de EU :wink:

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… and @pjotr47 @darkkevind and the list goes on.

There’s loads of placed to get a battery in europe.

Replace that coffee with a beer for a perfect setting…


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