BLDC tool config for braking and RPM

Need some input on what I’m not doing right with the setting up of VESC through BLDC 1.10. Running Dual R-spec 6355 motors 2x 4.7 VESC, Set up with HK-GTE transmitter and receiver.

Have the motors running, but the braking is not constant. At the moment its trigger down to accelerate and push trigger forward for braking. When using braking it wont hold the braking for much longer than about 5-10 sec(guess) not long anyway. Not long enough to come to a full stop I don’t think at speed. Need to push the trigger forward again to make it brake again. Is there a setting I need to change on the BLDC tool to make the braking HOLD, so it keeps in braking mode.

I’m setting this board up for my son so need this to work to make it safer.

Also whats the best way to reduce the RPM or max speed, so we can get through a learning curve on the board. Son has never had an E-board before, and we are wanting to reduce top speed till he’s use to it.

At the moment its very easy to go very fast with the transmitter. Tried just reducing the RPM fig on the motor config connection menu on RHS, but that didn’t seem to reduce the speed.

Thanking you all in advance. Found some good info on the site, but now a little stumped. I’m sure its a simple setting thing. Hoping someone can help as I have a very eager kid who’s very keen to get out on this board.

Screen shops of motor and app config.

How you make the screenshot looks so tiny. Tbh, I doubt if anyone can see the details.

Appolagies. If you click the image and download it youll be able to read it better. Couldnt work out page set up in paint. Useless. Hope someone can help.

Check all the switches on the hand controller itself. There is a chance you have the throttle reversed due to the switch in the wrong place. This may also explain the braking issues. Check the trimming on the hand controller too.

To limit max speed you need to limit erpm.

Erpm is motor rpm x motor poles.

I wrote more about it here:

Thks Jason, What would we do without you, Will have another look at the controller, and do some more research on the link.

Click on “soft rpm limit” , and under “rpm limit end” enter value “60,000.00”. Smooth and safe throttle my friend.

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That’s just what I needed to know. Thanks Nasty. Is this correct?

ERPM limit start = controls the acceleration from zero

ERPM limit stop = controls the top speed

What do you recommend if I want a safe acceleration from a standing position? 60K?