BLDC tool for chromebook

you sound like a phsychic, and num. 2 my vesc is already set up nd have put at least 20-30 miles no problem. i just want to get the tool for regular checks and tweaks.

Just trying to save you man. Unfortunately Vesc and the gui tools are filled with hardware killing pitfalls, each hardware and software version with their specific niggles. IMO your question cannot be answerered safely by anyone but you, after copious research and perhaps a few dead vescs.

b gave you as much advice as you can expect without you reciprocating and learning on your own.

If you come back with specific questions after reading a ton you’ll get more and higher quality help. But if we answer your questions as is, you’ll likely end up in tears as you’re missing a ton of background info.

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dont worry i fried a vesc already and have spent countless hours reading up on my stuff