BLDC tool for chromebook

has anyone created a bldc tool for a chromebook?

chrome os is ubuntu/debian based. you should be able to load it if you know how to use terminal… then again. idk if the qt libs will work… its been a while…

there is no real terminal in a chromebook

Is there a USB drive you can boot from?

you mean with a windows exe file on it?

Well I meant with Ubuntu Live but I guess maybe Windows too ha ha

I don’t think I can do that with a chromebook, was just curious if anyone made a Chromebook program for the BLDC tool.

yes there is! i’ve used chomeos since it was pre beta! shit the first chromebook even had a bad ass hardware hack switch! when google was trying to be cool…

yes there’s crosh but that’s not really a terminal, come on.

I mean if you know of a way to install the bldc please explain and I would be glad to try!!

anyone know if this exists?

Do you have access to a terminal?

The BLDC tool is written for Ubuntu which is the same kernel, so ChromeOS is actually closer to native for the tool than Windows or a fruity OS would be

Try the Linux version

i have crosh which is like a terminal, probably wont work but worth a try. where can i find the linux version?

There are lots of Linux versions. There is Vedder’s version you can build yourself on github, there is also a VESC_Tool which is not BLDC_Tool and Ackmaniac has tweaked some stuff too

do you recommend ackamaniac?

what are the commands to run on ubuntu to install rhe latest bldc tool in the terminal???

“latest” is very, very blurry.

Firstly, there are multiple tools, a BLDC Tool and a VESC Tool and an ESC Tool [by @Ackmaniac]. Which tool do you want to use?

There is one over here, that’s the “ESC Tool”

I sense doom in your future. spend a few hours/ways reading before proceeding or risk bricked escs.

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which version do i pick