Blew up my ESC when plugging it it for the first time

Hi, noob here! about 10 minutes ago, I plugged my batteries (2x Turnigy graphene 12Ah 6S 15C wired in series for 12S) to my Turnigy SK8 V2 80A VESC, and it popped with smoke coming out. One of the connectors melted a bit inside. Was i dumb and careless? I’m seeing a lot of people using capasitors and anti-spark switches on this forum, but just plugging it in for the first time seemed safe enough.

I’ll be buying another ESC, so I guess what I’d like to know is what to do better next time. Should I prepare better, or just buy a higher quality ESC. Should I try fixing the ESC? I can’t really tell what happened to it…

Also, I seem to be unable to upload a picture…

If it popped, the sparks from the battery probably caused it. This is why an antispark XT90 connector are now used. Also, make sure the esc is rated for 12s. This is usually the case as well.

Also also, new users can’t upload images

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Thanks! I’ll be using antisparks from now on, then! The ESC is rated for 12S, but I’m not sure how reliable the specs are in general.

Were + and - correct? This is exactly what would happen if they weren’t.

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I thought so too, but they are the correct way round. Triple checked… The ESC was rated for 12S, but the cell voltage was 4,2V each, which goes over the voltage limit. I wonder if thats what did it… Or it was just the spark.

Not using a loopkey (the sparking) can definitely cause that

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ESCs designed for flight, are far different than ones destined for esk8. They don’t have a dead stall like starting off from stop. I would suggest never to use hobby flight escs unless you have money to burn, and WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY over rate the esc for your needs, and at that point, you might as well get the right stuff, at the same cost.

I guess it is designed for esk8, but not our first or fifth choice.

That heat sink is puny.