Blink Lite for $300 is it worth it and can I make use of it

Usually $400 I bought it for $300 New, authentic and everything. Here are the specs- My question is should I refund it or are these materials worth a lot from my DIY build, coming soon. Thank you! Blink Lite Blink Board 10mph MAX SPEED 15mph 7.7lbs WEIGHT 9lbs 5miles RANGE 6miles 8% / 4.6° INCLINE RATE 15% / 8.6° Max 180lbs USER WEIGHT Max 220lbs Hub Motor DRIVE SYSTEM Belt Drive Yes(via remote) REVERSE No 450W MAX POWER 800W Polyurethane, 70mm, 78A Hardness WHEEL TYPE Polyurethane, 83mm, 78A Hardness 2hr* CHARGE TIME 1.5hr Lithium Ion 25.5V, 2.2Ah BATTERY Lithium Ion 36V, 2Ah, 10C 27.5in DECK LENGTH 27in 31” x 11” x 7” PACKAGE DIMENSIONS 29” x 13” x 8” • Speed Modes: Beginner/Normal/Pro • Charger Input: 110v-240v • Deck Material: Canadian Maple • Includes: Remote Control

Note: Blink Lite can travel 5 miles on a full charge - this range is tested under ideal conditions with average weight, smooth, level surfaces in beginner mode. Heavier weight, hills, and bumpy surfaces with pro mode will reduce the range.

  • Fast Charger (45 min) is available under “Accessories” via ACTON online store. Or FREE reward gift once you gained 100 miles on Blink Lite! You are welcome :smiley:

I feel like if you utilize the 300 bucks towards a DIY board you’re going to have a much better board than this. I don’t know though. Since my project have gone far above that but I feel like it’s probably doable.

I believe what Blink did here is just to brand a very common Chinese hub design that I have seen plenty times on Alibaba and others. I think Carvon also uses this in their mini cruiser. Not saying that it is bad, it’s simple and might be enough for a little joyful ride.

Does 5 mile range and 15mph top speed suit your needs? If yes, keep it. If you need something faster and with more range, return it.

Enjoy it till it doesn’t work any longer…

Just have fun now … Worry later :wink:

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for $300 I want one! :sweat_smile: where did you find the deal?

but yea its just a Chinese board rebranded…

a good diy board will cost at least double $$.

2 ah? How the heck is 2 ah even going to take someone a mile, no the less 5 miles?

Well their definition of ideal conditions must be 5 miles all down hill. Heck, 7.5 ah at 10s barely gets me 5 miles on hubs. I’ve never even heard of such a small battery being used on an electric skateboard. And with 10c at 2 ah? I just don’t get what they were thinking… It’s like, $20 for that battery, the least they could have done was double the size to 4 ah…

Even if you were to build a highly efficient belt drive system (like I did with my first board), the best I got with 8 ah was 10 miles, and that’s being super conservative with the trigger. I call bs on their range.

It’s believable to me. 10s at 2ah is 72 watt hours. Assuming 10wh per km this would get 7.2km or 4.4 miles. I find the 10wh per km estimate to be fairly accurate, at least on my dual belt drive.

learn to calculate watt-hours instead of just reading amp-hours. The battery is listed as a 25.5V, 2.2Ah, so 56 watt hours. Esk8 rule of thumb 10wh = 1km range, the battery is good for 5.6km or 3.5 miles.

oh, is it 6s? my bad

And my point is I was running 3:1 gearing ratio with a 190 kv motor, and on my route with 8 ah and a 6s battery or 208 watt hours, and I was very lucky to get 10 miles. So in my case, I got a mile per 20 watt hours, which would mean with a 2.2amp hours at 6s, I would get like 2.7 miles, not 5. I didn’t do the watt hours becuase I was comparing a 6s setup to a 6s setup, so I didn’t find it necessary. But that’s also my riding style. I don’t want to ride at 8 mph so I can milk 5 miles for my battery. If there’s one thing we can agree, it’s you won’t get 5 miles at 15 mph.

Even by your calculation, you don’t get 5 miles… So you basically confirmed what I said, that the battery can’t do 5 miles.

These boards are made by E-Wheelin (i3 is single motor and i4 is dual motor) and sold by multiple companies under various names. Here are the photos of all the internals including the hub motor which are all extremely nicely done for that price.

It has a 7S battery pack made out of 2.2Ah 18650 cells with no BMS which is around 25.9V x 2.2Ah = 57Wh (MacBook Air has a 54Wh battery).

It has a sensored 18 pole stator (43mm x 30mm).

Here are some power/speed logs – notice how many times it cuts out because of the over-current protection (I assume):


The Acton Blink Board is what got me started on my DIY. It was a good board but it just left me hungry for more speed, more power and more stability at higher speeds.

If you have a child or significant other who can use it once you get bored of it, then keep it, otherwise, get a refund and use that money for something you are eventually going to get anyway