Blow out sale/ Alles muss raus

Time to clean up a bit, just too many parts only sitting on the shelf without getting used.

Motor pulley 20mm 15T 12mm bore new (2x set screws, no keyway)

set of 2 12mm bore 7$

Motor pulley HTD3M 15mm 17T set of 2 8mm bore - 10$


Battery PCB 18650 3P (1oz copper) stay positive 12x 8$

Etoxx IS06B 40th wheel sprocket (fit Trampa Hypa hubs) set of 2 new 55$ set of 2 used 50$

Motor sprocket NEW IS06B 10th 8mm bore (no keyway, no setscrew) set of 2 15$

Motor sprocket NEW IS06B 9th 8mm bore (setscrew only) set of 2 18$

Etoxx steering damper adapter with hardware 35$ Steering damper, probably defect as it has the same stiffness in every position) 20$

2x APS 6374 170kV used but battle hardened. One motor has new battle hardened bell without logo 85$ per motor MTB deck new 25$ MTB deck used with 3D printed concave 20$ - experimental deck, so lots of binding holes filled with epoxy.

11s 5A charger EU Plug, xt90, used 25$ - can solder a Barrel plug if needed

HTD5M belts 15mm 355mm 3x 12$ HTD5M belts 15mm 425mm (Trampa original) 2x 18$ HTD5M belts 20mm 390mm 5x 12$ HTD5M belts 20mm 400mm 4x 10$

Set of 2 MAD hubs 90mm sleeves new 18$

Haggy boards Kegel pressfit 36T pulleys with 10mm bearings new 44$

Different sets of riser (see picture) each set of two 5$ or all 3 sets for 12$

ABEC Flywheels 90mm 75a used on my push board only set 80$

FOX Titan race knee pads 30$

HIPS Gold Filament 1kg 9$

300x Studs for winter tires 25$

All prices are without shipping.


Jeez, Abecs used to sell like hotcakes. What happened around here? lol

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Probably not fashion enough anymore :man_shrugging: :joy:

Hi, where do you ship from?

Hi @symanfilipe ! Shipping will be from Russia, tracked.

Hello @Andy87,

Im interested if all of the parts are still avalible and if they are in working condition, and if they are used? Also send you an pm.

MfG, Fifty2

The APS motors are not for sale anymore.

Time to let go of my 10β€œ tires. The summer and winter set. Both come with inner tubes and fit on standard 9β€œ hubs. Summer set is used but in good conditions. Winter set is new, never used and comes with installed studs. Asking 80$ each set plus shipping.

Some more stuff for sale

Spotwelder 35$ plus 65$ shipping Lipo battery box with light control 55$ plus shipping GT2B packed new with receiver 22$ + shipping GT2B used with receiver 19$ + shipping GT2B sparkle mod with receiver 22$ + shipping 3x receiver each 5$ +shipping

10β€œ winter tires are sold

4x maytech 200A vesc based escs for sale. 135$ each or 480$ all 4 together

Black Friday pre sale price drops

HIPS gold 5$

12x 18650 PCB 5$

Mad hubs replacement sleeves 5$

6x Trampa dampas 6$

Etoxx 40T sprockets for Hypa hubs NEW 45$

Sprockets 10T 10$

Sprockets 9T 10$

Steering damper partly defect with mounting mechanism 50$

10β€œ Tires with inner tubes 75$

Flywheels 70$

11S 5A charger 20$

Haggy 36T pressfit Kegel pulleys NEW 35$

Maytech 200A escs 125$ each or 470$ all 4

FS GT2E 10$

FS GT2B 18$

GT2B sparkle mod 18$

GT2B receiver 3$ each

Trampa Wand is sold.

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Hypa Etoxx sprockets and motor sprockets are gone too.

Black Friday prices are still valid for the other parts!

Trampa HS11 16ply.

Bought this spring.

Spent most of the year sitting on the bench, so it’s practically new,

besides the 4 drill holes for the battery box.

If needed I can remove the velcro from the top and close the battery box holes.

Asking 175$

GT2B sparkle mod is gone :ok_hand:

Rest still available :smiley:

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