Blown up vesc, any ideas of what i did wrong?

i used my vesc normally for about 1 week and next morning i turn it up and a spark comes out. any ideas of what went wrong?

You’ve shorted the 5V and GND on the PPM input. If you got a spark, then separating the pins is a start, but it won’t work right until you replace the components that were damaged- and the damage surely isn’t limited to C33… The regulator is probably toast, and you might’ve burnt a trace or two. Check the schematics if you can and see what other components are connected to the 5V rails, and look them over, too.

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Looks like you blew C33. Yeah, definitely want those pins separated further, at all times. I believe that 5v comes from the buck converter in the DRV chip…

Uh oh. If the DRV is blown then it’s going to be allot harder to fix than just a 4 pin regulator. :o

Yes it is. You’ll need a hot air rework station to replace the DRV chip

Any advice on preventative measures to keep this from happening? Or is this question too tangential for this thread and if so i can delete it.

Use an empty plug (no wires crimped in) to cover the pins, so you cant accidentally press them together.

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Same. If I hadn’t left them covered by heat shrink previously this year, I would have put a “dummy” plug on my VESC’s pins. But now I use a GT2B, and so there’s a real connector on the pins now.

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