Blue frog | alien workskop cruiser | 190KV 6355 motor | 6S1P 12Ah | X-car beast 120A

Hello everybody, I just wanted to shows you electric skateboard I built. It’s not anything powerful but I’m using this daily so small size was priority. It is also user friendly. Power brick plugs right into board and remote charges automatically. The motor, trucks, motor mount are all from enertion. It took me quite a while to build this since they aren’t even selling these anymore :smiley: .It is the 190KV 6355 motor. For battery I got MultiStar High Capacity 12000mAh 6S 10C which is arguably not the best choice since it can barely deliver enough current. On top of that I took it apart to save some space. Just watch the video and see it for yourself. I think the lifetime of the battery is going to be pretty poor and most likely it will just catch on fire :smiley: . For ESC I got 120A X-car beast which works fine but when braking it make really loud whistling sound. I can break fully and it breaks silently so that what I have to do :confused: .I made controller myself completely 3D printed. If anyone wants the files I can upload them but it’s not as ergonomic as it looks :smiley: . In the video you can also see the system of the remote being mounted to the board, I haven’t seen that anywhere yet so I like to think I was first to figure this out so please show me some other builds that have this .


That remote is awesome!!

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I have uploaded the 3D model of the remote:

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I checked put thingiverse and YouTube not sure how to put the remote together and code needed, any pointers

This is currently the most awesome open source design would love to try it

O wow dude that looks insane! Can you tell us more how you made the remote and how it connects to the whole thing?

I loved the video, you made it with a lot of passion! Props to that!

Can you send me the program ?

It seems that OP hasn’t been here for a while. However he is still answering to comments on youtube, try to contact him there.

BTW this is amazing and original board. Love it.