Bluetooth module build

Ok so i live in mexico and want to make my own Bluetooth modules 1- do I need to program the hm-10 or not? 2- are this the connectors ? image

Help @rey8801 hehe

You need JST PH 7 pins. Well you will use 4 pins in total so they will also work but why bother about it when you can get it for cheap anyway. I will post one link. For the module depends which phone you have and which module you buy. Which phone do you have?

I have iPhone 7 but I would like to make for iPhone and Android

for iphone you don’t need. For Android Oreo there is the risk. Is not that diffiucult. I found that this clone in 80% of the case works with Android too But better to flash it because can be that with futher updates it won’t be compatible anymore. That what I do for the modules I see


Do i have to program it ? And do you have a correct wire diragram

If you read above I just answered. I have like 20 of them. The most recent ones work with Android Oreo. Although I can not be sure it will work in the future. In case you can flash it later

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The wire diagram is posted everywhere on the forum

Anyhow shortly

HM-10 / vesc VCC / 5V GND / GND RX / TX TX / RX

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Ok i así about this because the ones that I bought where connected to 3v

this module handles 5V no problem :wink:

Would u happen to have a link on how to flash the modules for oreo?

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Here we go Check on YouTube like flash hm10 firmware on… And you will find a video too.


Just want to say that after flashing mine with the original HM-10 firmware, it works a lot more reliable with my iPhone on iOS 11. It used to fail to write configs using Xmatic app and took several tries to make it work.