Bluetooth module with Ackmaniac's app

It works fine on the Samsung galaxy s4 and when all app data are deleted on my Sony it works well as long as I don’t disconnect… Using that other phone is no solution for me though, so if there’s no other fix I’ll have to live with either deleting app data before each ride, or just don’t use this app. Too bad as it seems to be such a great app! :cry:

I guess you don’t get a error message when the module isn’t available anymore. Do you stop the app with the home button or by going backwards until the app closes?

Hey i just got the module that Ackmaniac linked and tested. Is working just fine. Thank you very much you are the best.

Now i need to learn how to use it with a dual focbox setup. hopefully it wont be too hard .

Ok. I believe I found the “bug” :smile: I realized the app doesn’t list any Bluetooth devices unless gps is turned on on the phone. As soon as gps is on, the BT devices show in the app! :joy: Thanks for the troubleshooting though!


Working app. Donation on its way. @Ackmaniac

Where is the app?

Found it

Also there is a thread on it

@Ackmaniac I open the app and connect the bluetooth but it says that the vesc is not connected. Any ideas?

Did you connect it correct to the vesc? 5V, rx tx crossed and a baudrate of 9600? And you can also try to restart your smartphone.

Yes, all the wiring is correct. It seemed to work after I re uploaded your firmware but it has since gone unresponsive to the remote.

don’t understand that.

The light doesn’t turn blue when I pull the trigger and the motor doesn’t spin. It did spin for the FOC detection though.

go through the remote settings. after the firmware update you have to do the entire setup again.

Ok, I will try that.

Should the app to use be ppm or ppm and uart?

I am back to square one. The remote is now running the motor but no data on the app.

I got everything working now. :wink:

@Ackmaniac I took the board for a test run and the app was amazing. I did notice that it never recorder max speed, only the current and GPS based speed.

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Hello. I would like to use the Ackmaniac App… I have a original bluetooth module which is detected by the App but all values will only display zero. I get no error message when I connect however - but it will not show anything, no real time data etc. everything is only zero.

Can anyone help me out ? I got the newest Ackmaniac Firmware on my VESC.

Have a good day

Did you set the UART speed to 9600 baud?