Bluetooth Speaker

Im just lucky living a small Island no one cares at all. You cannot find in the world having a business meeting everyone wearing slippers! Yes! Slippah hawaiian slang! lol. Since having a cheap Eboard blasting nirvana song my funky bluetooth speaker. I get laid


Haha awesome. Hawaii sounds like alot of fun.

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@808Chopz, I’m moving to the big island in 2 weeks!:call_me_hand: which island do you live?

Lol, thats cool but the sound quality is pretty bad i guess since its a car :smiley:

My friend bought a 6kW sound system for his band and it arrived 2 days ago literally his whole house was shaking on 50% we couldn’t be inside and we are really noise tolerant

I use the jbl charge, or charge 2. Fits in the waterbottle pocket of my bpack

I’m in Maui bro😁

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Its just attention seeking, same as idiots with loud exhausts. Wear headphones like respectful people. It also sounds better and protects your ears. (if you get the right shaped ones) 30mph is loud.

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Headphones are a terrible suggestion, unless your underlying suggestion is death.


Please dont condone headphones while riding @danielz , hearing is a very important sensory system when one rides a longboard at high speeds, especially one that is powered. @808Chopz, sweet! We’re basically neighbors :smiley:


^ this, why would I want to fall with a piece of metal in my ear or near my head?

Just like you shouldn’t drive with headphones on you shouldn’t ride with headphones on. Imo it’s okay to play music as long as it’s not any louder then a car stereo and it’s not.

Well lets be fair. Not with ANY headphones. My sony w1000’s amplify outside noise to a customized level so this is not an issue :grin:

JBL XTREME! use it while operating a cherry picker 100ft up in the air! Beach bbq’s etc,big battery,can charge off it,Water proof,comes with a shoulder strap and is loud as fuck! Screenshot_20180914-092623

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I’m not really into blasting music out of a speaker while you ride but a friend had one of these flip’s a few weeks ago out camping and it was so much better than everyone else’s speakers, amazing little thing.

Yeah, what I like about them is that is really balanced, if you look at measurements the response is unbelievable flat, when most other speakers have some part of the frequency range missing or over boosted, they can sound good for a few minutes, but after that becomes fatiguing

So I got a new Red Boom 3 speaker for christmas. I have to say it produces insane sounds especially if you hook them up in stereo mode.


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Just got the built in speaker for my Ruroc helmet. On the fence if I’m gonna keep it. Sound quality is ok and you can still hear what’s going on around you.

Ya id agree the ue booms sound better… but ive invested into the jbl charge, charge 2 love em to def.

Ultimate ears or nothing for Bluetooth speakers :+1:

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Lg hbs 750 but only in my front ear so I can hear anything coming up behind me. @Acido true fact about that EDM speed buff