Bluetooth wiring help

With the pics provided, can someone help me rewrite this Bluetooth module to one of the wiring harness in the pic? If this module is outdated, please let me know. I’ve had it for yrs and I want to get it working with my new Makerx go-foc dv6/pro. I can solder but I don’t know what most of these labels mean. Thanks in advance for any help.

If you can find out what voltage that receiver can take, you would put it on the 8 pin connectors as (gnd/gnd, rx/tx, tx/rx, 5v/VCC (this ble) or 3.3v/3.3v (yours says 3.3v but double check).

If issue occurs, you can reverse tx and rx and put it as tx/tx and rx/rx.

I tried what you said both ways and it blinks red, but I can’t get it connected. I’m using the 8 pin on the master side for my remote so I plugged it into the slave side and selected PPM/UART with a 9600 baudrate. I then lost use of my controller so I’m sure I’ve done something wrong/backwards. Also wasn’t able to connect on my phone.

Did it say firmware needs to be updated on phone? Because if its not sending out signals, rx/tx needs to be flipped. If it is and it says firmware, you need to update the dv6 pro.

Sometimes, it can be the power, but since its blinking, it’s not that. Not sure that you needed to change the baudrate though. If it’s on the slave side, check to see if the slave is set to ppm and uart.

I tried both Rx/tx and rx/rx. Neither connects to phone. I’m not sure how to check firmware on Bluetooth module.

If you can’t connect to your phone, you can ignore that. It tells you from the app about the firmware update if signal is given. Just connect your esc to vesc tool and check if both slave and master are set to PPM and UART.

usually that’s the cause if there’s no signal.

Do you know what module is that? I’ll check to see if there’s something else needed.

Edit: Nevermind, I found it.

To summarize:

Your ble module should be Rx/tx, Tx/Rx, gnd/gnd, and 5v/VCC.

This module however is probably outdated since another person who brought this from aliexpress also had an issue with it.

Thanks for the help. I ordered a new module from makerx. I’ll let ya know if I need any more help once it arrives.

Got the new module and it was plug and play. Super easy. Thanks for the help. Sorry to send you on a wild goose chase.

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No problem.