BM-SYS - Modular Battery System

Hello everybody,

Today I would like to share with you the output of my thesis project in Industrial Design.

Before telling you about my project I would like to take a second to thank all the forum members for the support that the topics I found here gave me. I would not have been able to do this without your help and work in keeping this place active and a great source for newbies like me to get started into this passion we all share.

About BM-SYS

BM-SYS is an investigation on the current state of lithium technology and the resulting environmental dangers. The output of this research is a battery module system powered by li-ion cells that changes the way power approaches electronic devices.

With a single module that adapts itself thanks to the help of USB Power Delivery technology, is possible to share the same energy source though all our daily use battery powered devices. Futhermore the addition of a raw power output through and XT-30 connector enables the modules to be used a quick-swappable power source for electric vehicles.

The result of this approach is a detachable open-source lithium battery that can be easily serviced, repaired, and upgraded. To express the capabilities of the modules, a small family of objects has been designed: a lamp module, a Bluetooth speaker, and an electric skateboard.

Now for what you have probably all been waiting for…

About BM-SYS Board

To demonstate the capabilities of the system I decided to implement my modules to power an electric vehicle. As I have always been a skateboard enthusiast, I decided to create a dual motor electric longboard.

The board features 6 BM-1X modules ( each module bein 4S 1P - Molicel P26) connected toghether in order to archive a 12S2P configuration. Each module features its internal BMS and Balance Board as well as an XT30 Connector for that juicy raw power output.

For the ESC I used an old FocBox Unity I had laying around that thanks to the now supported VESC 5.0 firmware enabled me to control the modules safely and disconnect them when they reached the empty voltage level threshold.

Motor and mechanics wise, I used dual 6354 190kv Motors from flipsky, Caliber II trucks, Dickyho’s Motor mounts, a 15:36 gearing and 90mm Boa Wheels.

The board Is a blank I got from Sickboards and painted black.

About Open-Source

I will release the files for the battery modules and connector pieces as soon as possible on my github. The decision to release everything opensource is because I dream my battery module system to become a standard in the future for electric vehicles, and the only way to make this happen is by enabling users like me to make their own for free.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask anything!

Please bare in mind that this system is only a proof of concept Alpha stage, I plan to take this further and improve it in order to compete with traditional battery systems.


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