BMB prototype board complete 😁

The prototype Board is finished!!!:+1:. 9 Maple with a walnut and African mahogany glue up outer veneers. Mbs Ats.12 trucks, Rockstar II Hubs, F-5 MBS bindings. It rides like a cloud. So butter. It was conceived of in February of this year. The Battery is made however the composite is being decided for final enclosure. We will most likely CNC mounts in house. Been quite a learning curve and a seriously rewarding experience. will be offering decks and parts very soon. Once the safety, QC ,and testing is done the full electric Mountain Boards will be available. Looking at a spring release. Love this stuff!!:grin: The builds the amount of different skilled trade work involved, the software programs, etc. And of course the ride!:laughing::+1:. Love this. I’ll never stop making boards!.