BMS and Battery help and thoughts, solved

Hey guys I have some questions…

I have bought a 10s 20amp charge bms for my first eboard. I discovered today that I cant use it for my eboard because I have a 6s battery haha :slight_smile:

Now I am going to buy a new one, first question: should I buy this one from hobbyking:

or this one from aliexpress

I am leaning a bit towards the hobbyking one because hobbyking is reliable and I dont have the best experience with cheap chinese bms’s. on the other side, the aliexpress bms is ideal (if the specs are trustworthy) because than I can use it for charging but also for discharging! I dont know what to choose…

I now have a 10s 20amp bms laying around and I want to do a project with it. I am curious about your project ideas for a 10s setup! I came up with a power wall and an electric vehicle that will ask less than 20amps I dont know yet, do you have inspiration?? thank you

Surprised you’re lvl 3 and bought the wrong bms :nerd_face:I would go with the hobby king bms since the ones from aliexpress can be sketchy. Technically you can do anything with a 10s bms as long are you are using a 10 cell series battery pack. Why not chip in a few more cells for a 10s pack? :money_with_wings::battery:

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Depends what you want to do with the bms. The one you bought has 10A discharge rate so you probably have to bypass it or your current will be cut from the bsm. Which cells did you buy and which is the final battery configuration? Like 6s2p 3p…

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Hhaha this is my first build. I have done research for everything but I didn’t think of that a lower S rating cant be used on a bms. It looked logical for me but I was wrong. My esc cant handle more than 6s so thats why I have chosen 6s. Next build will be 10s

I am using two 3s 5000mAh lipo’s and thank you I am going to use the hobbyking bms.

For in the future I am going to test these bms’s: These bms’s say they can handle 100A and I am going to test that.

If they can handle safely 100Amps I am going to use them for charging my board and between my battery and ESC :slight_smile:

For what I know you can still use the 10s BMS for 6s, just not connecting the unused pins, it should be fine, anyway please confirm it before, since I’m not 100% sure. If not I will go for the HK, they are nice.

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Okay thanks, I am still going to buy a new bms but I’ll test it for sure! @Surfer

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might as well buy two 5s batteries.