Bms and Buzzer in same battery?

Hello again guys, I want to know if there is a way to use the buzzer that you plug in the balance pin and use a BMS at the same time?

Maybe you ask, why? Why don’t you buy the one that you plug on the reciever? Answer: I can’t find them in Brazil, I just can find that one that have 6 leds, It don’t shows the voltage for each cell.

I want answers, plz

You could most likely split them, but that may affect the voltage readings. I’d need some else to confirm as that is above my pay grade. If it dosnt there will be no problem splitting the connection.

Spliting you mean use the port for the two things? I could put it on a Breadboard, mayber it would work well

You could definitely solder 2 wires to each of the leads from the battery. Then you could crimp a connector on each of the sets. If you do go that route make sure you don’t let them touch, that ends up with a short and spark.

A breadboard would work but its not a permanent solution as the wires would vibrate out.

P.S. I’ll get you the shipping price asap, I’m not at the hotel and I’m out of state atm.

Simple splitter will do what you want.

@lowGuido That is the problem, I can’t find it, specially in Brazil… I think I’ll make one my self or buy that Lead Acid Voltimeter on Ebay

I could use the breadboard and a Glue Gun to fix it! But I don’t know if the Breadboard supporte 6s voltage

About the shipping: Yeah, just see the price for now, if it is very expensive I can’t buy

Just make one. easy to do.

I tried with the Breadboard and I worked fine when I plugged the Buzzer, I’m fuck*ng waiting for my Bms that I bought on Ebay, It is delayed!

Be extremely careful, don’t let the wires touch.