BMS Balance wire different lengths

Hey i would like to know if a BMS needs to use Balance wire that are all the same length or can i have some balance wires that are longer for packs that are further away from my bms.

Hi Benjamin,

that should not do a difference. You can use short and long wires, as long as you dont use 100m long cables :smiley:


ty just wanted to make sure, weird how even google didnt throw out an answer. Just found one thread here saying you can make them long but nothing about using different lenghts.

The usual is different lengths. The shorter the better so (at least 18650 building) I cut the wires according to the exact length I need. It balances faster like that. It will work anyway if you leave them long, just not as fast.

yeah it is just for my packs at the end^^

More complex BMS designs take account for potential losses and allow for calibration via firmware/software design. But unless we’re talking like more than a meter’s worth of wire, I doubt the loss would be too detrimental when it comes to balancing battery packs that we make. In other words, don’t even worry about it.

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