BMS blowout for sale. 10s and 12s

I’ve got a load of BMSs that I’m not going to use. All new, a few of them are open as they either came in a 2 pack or the leads came in another pack.

First up there is a 10s and a 12s version of this tiny BMS. These do NOT balance. Use under supervision or with a separate balance circuit. £10 each

Next up, the ever popular Bestech HCX-D140. Two of them for 12s. SOLD

Also residing at the back of the drawer is a 10s Bestech HCX-D596. 80a Discharge with E-switch.SOLD

This one but in 10s.

Last up is a supower 12s 60a discharge bms. £30

Postage at cost. Payment in F&F or cover the fees in G&S.


Hey I’m interested in the 12s BMS, but it’s been a while since I’ve been building boards so I just want to double check.

I have a 12s battery setup which is at 44.4v nominal 50.4v fully charged, is that suitable for the type of BMS you’re selling? Does it support balance charging? Does it support regen braking? Does it have a seperate peak discharge current rating?

I’m in the UK.

Hi, its good for a 12s battery. You could run it at charge only or use it as a 60A discharge BMS. I have been looking for the details on it but coming up blank so far! Is your battery a li-ion set-up?

Is it 50.4v max charge? If so I’d be interested in it.

Let me know what the payment details are and how much you need for postage.

12s so yes 50.4v. It should be able to go large letter so it’ll be cheap. Paypal ok for me. I am away on holiday tomorrow though and have missed the post office now. If you still fancy it in 10 or so days give me a shout then?

Still have the 80a 10S?

Sorry, that one is sold.

Yeah sure I’ll wait until then. Message me your Paypal address when you’re ready

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Hi, is it still avaliable?

Yes! Drop me a PM.

How much for the 12S 50.4V bms USD? Shipped to nyc

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