BMS cutting off @ 36-ish volts/or 35%.. thoughts?

so i read as much as i could but wanted some additional opinions. This was my first full build, battery and board, 10s4p PF cells and a 40amp discharge bms.

I havent had time since i finished to do a full range test on the pack…and at 4p most times I can ride hard doing what i need and then charge every other day or what ever.

at any rate the other day was the first time i got full cut off from the BMS and took a while for it to come back on. Today i forgot my charger in the city and went for an afternoon ride between teaching and the battery meter was reading 35% or about 36.x volts… it started cutting out on the way to the train station… mostly flat and conservative acceleration. I understand theres sag n all but…

so am i expecting to much hoping that if i need to run my battery into the low 20s (%) that i can? should i just bypass and let the vescs handle it?

heres the bms for reference. I have this same bms on a couple other packs on my ebike and same voltage meter on the bike as well and can run those packs down to 10-15% if i have too…

thoughts and thx

For lipo this would be ideal… not sure u can do much, maybe someone messed up resistor values at factory?

Unless it is vesc / esc cutting off, u probably wire it as discharge only then