Bms Discharge voltage 3.6V?

So I burned my BMS (which might be the cause of problem in the title) by plugging balance connectors with reversed voltages. I have a spare BMS, but to check if I got balance wires correct now, I’m still using the burned BMS (only the resistor by lowest voltage balance wire port got burned. I changed the balance wires and plugged everything again into BMS, nothing else is burning thankfully, but voltage meter doesnt light up and when I checked discharge port with multimeter it showed 3.6V which should be 10x bigger (10s battery)

Is this due to that BMS is burned or I wired something wrong?

My diagram:

Diagram by bestech:

One thing to note, I just assume those wires are e-switch and I just wired them together.

Most likely yes. The balance circuit is damaged. The bms is not going to output

Connected new bms in same way, nothing smoked in its part. But it’s still outputs 3.7V

Connecting what I think is eswitch doesn’t change it

Idk why, but disconnecting and reconnecting voltage meter fixed it

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Does that BMS even provide an adequate discharge current?

60A, yes, but as i said , disconnecting and reconnecting voltage meter at discharge port fixed the problem completely

Hm, not a bad size for a 70A continuous BMS

How can you check if a resistor got burned ? I have also plugged in balance wires in wrong order and now during acceleration my bms shuts off. Shall I probe resistors with multimeter and check if they are same resistance ? Shall I have motor running during this process ? If it is a small resistor I would be tempted to replace it myself.

Try to find the burnt ones :smile:

Hahah! Mine look good :confused: so I have tougher problem :wink:

Multimeter probe in diode test/continuity test mode…