BMS E- Switch, Step Down convertor & LED Power switch

On my son’s board, the @treenutter Caldera deck with @psychotiller 6 shooters on PT RKP trucks, I wired an LED power switch in a creative way and I wanna make sure it’s not gonna bite me in the ass.

I connected a lead from POS of the battery pack & NEG of the BMS to a 12v 3a Step Down convertor so it will only be powered when the BMS is powered. I connected the POS & NEG from the step down convertor to an LED push button latching switch LED circuit. Lastly I connected the throw of the LED push button latching switch to the BMS E-Switch port. This essentially powers the LED on the switch via the Step Down convertor when the BMS E-Switch circuit is completed.

Is there anything I’m missing or should this be good to go?

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Makes sense to me.


What’s missing is pics of bright blinky lights! :see_no_evil:

…and that sounds like a solid electrical setup.

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Yeah, I’m running RGB addressable lights off the step down convertor as well. You can see them here…

…and here…

These little step down converters are sweet :grinning:

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hi very interesnting what you did… but can you plz make like a diagram where exactly did you hook uip the led wires plz! i dont understand to much of this things thanks!

Yeah, I’ll put one together to.orrow at work.

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@WawiKirsinger Here ya go…


awesome! thanks

do you recomen any step down? i mean a cheap one from eBay is god or i need to be careful with somthing?

Yes!! Make sure they can take the volts of your pack on the input. Because most use like 36v rated components which is to low. For a 10s pack 42v I’d make sure it can handle at least 50v in the input.

I use one like this… Look at this on eBay

Most are rated to 48v, which is well within the limits imposed by a 10s pack.

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This is rated to both 48 and 58V :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone found one that is rated for a 12S pack and a good switch to go with it?